“If a child is to keep alive his inborn sense of wonder without any such gift from the fairies, he needs the companionship of at least one adult who can share it, rediscovering with him the joy, excitement and mystery of the world we live in." - Rachel Carson

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Rock People

Rowan's rock family: her, me, daddy, and some sort of Babushka-esqe figure

This is a really simple but fun project. I found this idea on the internet a while back and decided to start making Rowan her own set of rock people to play with outside. We are having fun making different characters- they live in a basket on the screen porch and she likes to take them outside and play with them in her sandbox, or build them little stick houses in our flower gardens. All you need are some smooth stones and a sharpie marker!

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